Social-Rehabilitation Project at Specialized Children's Home of Kharberd

    Patmos Foundation for World Missions has started to assist Specialized Children's Home of Kharberd since 1989. The Foundation trained a rehabilitation team who specialized in this field and provided rehabilitation services to the children at Kharberd Specialized Children's home. When the team shared this experience with the staff members Patmos-Ararat Charity Foundation started providing social services. Social-rehabilitation project is anticipated for the children who have physical and mental disabilities.
   120 children are involved in this project. According to this educational project the following activities are organized: winter and summer health improvement camps, musical therapy, theatric performances, fine motor groups, excursions and sport games. The goal of the project is to support the disabled children in social adaptation and to promote rehabilitation. Due to this program the children have health rehabilitation and are taught activities of daily living.

Winter Camp in Tsaghkadzor
Summer Camp in Sevan