About Us

Patmos Foundation for World Missions (later PFWM) is a Finnish Christian humanitarian aid organization. We work in 25 countries, among others in Armenia. In Armenia PFWM started to help immediately after the 1988 earthquake bringing humanitarian aid to Armenia. Later on PFWM has supported children's rehabilitation program in Kharberd Specialized Children's Home. Our coordinator in the program has been, since 1992, physiotherapist Anneli Turja. Patmos Ararat, a local NGO continues to implement the program and Anneli Turja is the supervisor of it up to now and visits Armenia several times a year to bring new methods and models of physiotherapy into Armenia.
After the devastating earthquake of 1988 when Anneli Turja came to Armenia she saw that Armenia badly needed rehabilitation. Besides the humanitarian assistance that Patmos Foundation for World Missions provided Armenia, they set a goal to train a team who would be qualified in the field of rehabilitation and would be able to train their compatriots. The team members were Ruzanna Shahinyan, Hayk Badalyan and Karine Khachatryan. Later on April 28, 2003 three of them founded "Patmos Ararat" charity foundation and are the founding members of it up to now.
On October 1, 2009 Patmos-Ararat opened a new Day care and Rehabilitation Center for the children with disabilities focusing on the children under the school age. This project is unique in the way that we have a car which takes the children from their homes and takes them back. Thus the children become independent as they go to Daycare Rehabilitation center without their parents.
We trained rehabilitation staff by using the international biopsychosocial model in physiotherapy and in the rehabilitation of children. In this development project for the children with disabilities the partners are the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia, RA Ministry of Health, Patmos Ararat NGO, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Patmos Foundation for World Missions (PFWM).
Our goal is to rehabilitate the children with disabilities by giving them physiotherapy and other rehabilitation services so that children become as independent as possible and are able to integrate to their family and to the Society. This improves the quality of life of a child with disabilities.