I see Arman has great changes. He became more independent and confident. He attends the Daycare Rehabilitation center with pleasure. I would like that the hours in the center be prolonged and the children visited the center more often. We would like the course be followed up. Thank you.

Parent: Astghik

I see Edmond has great changes. He started to communicate more. He attends the center with pleasure. He has a daily routine. We wish that the hours in the center be prolonged and that the children visited the center more often. We are grateful to all the staff members for their warm, attentive and cordial attitude. We would also like the seminars to be more frequent.

Parent: Mariam

I see that my Shahenchik has great changes. He became more active and smarter. He understands more than he did before. I am very grateful to you for everything you do for our children. Frankly, we would like the hours in the center be prolonged, the therapists work more and have a speech therapist and psychologist.


We are Barushyan Anahit's parents and are very happy for our child's success and progress. This is only the result of the project in the center and the professional approach of the kindergarten special educators. We are grateful to everyone for the assistance. We notice greatly that Anahit concentrates and participates in group games, she also expresses what she needs. We would like this project to be followed up, the seminars be conducted more often, so that we could gain experience to handle with our children in a proper and right way and to help them live their lives as normal people.

Parents: Karapet and Anna

We are very happy that this center opened. My son attends it with great pleasure and I am very happy that he gets into contact with other children. I would like the project to be continued at least six months.

Parent: Hermine

I am Meline Manukyan's mother. When I first came to this kindergarten I saw that my child had great changes day by day. My child became more attentive towards toys, she began to communicate with other children. She stays alone, that is without me. I would like the hours in the center be prolonged as I see great changes. It would be better that we also had uch kindergarten in Ejmiadzin. Today my daughter attends the kindergarten with great pleasure. It would also be better that there were other specialists, such as speech therapist, psychologist in the center. Thank you very much for the organization which is very useful for our children.

Parent: Ruzanna Manukyan

I am Hayk Avetisyan's mother. Before coming to the kindergarten my son did not like playing, communicating with other people. But now I see great changes. Now he attends the center with great pleasure as there is good attitude towards him here, he is loved and the child first of all feels that. I would like to have such kindergarten in our city as well (in Ejmiadzin), a center where children like ours could attend.

Parent: Metaksya Simonyan

I am Angelina Aleksanyan's mother. When I first brought my child to the kindergarten I felt that a new world opened towards her. Angelina did not come to the center without me but now she likes her kindergarten very much and it of course is the result of the professionals who work with her. I am very content with the special educators who work with our children with great pleasure.
Dear director,
On behalf of all the parents I am asking you to prolong the hours in the center. Of course, we are asking you this because our children wish so. We feel great changes in their mental development, physical state and from expressing wise ideas. We would be very grateful if our request comes true.

Parent: Marina Aleksanyan

I am Henry Shahinyan's mother. I am very glad that my son was granted such an opportunity to participate in this project. I would like this project to be continuous as I am sure that my son will have progress and success. I would like that much attention is paid to his physical development. I have one more request: as there are no equipments for children with CP in Armenia, please help us to gain such equipments, because my son is very heavy and he is not able to walk, so I would like to obtain a wheelchair anticipated for children with this kind of problem. Henry attends the center with great pleasure and feels very satisfied. We are very thankful to the special educators and the organizers of this program. Thank you in advance.

Parent: Ruzanna Shahinyan

I am Aram Antonyan's mother. Aram frequently attends Rehabilitation centers and takes the courses of relevant treatment. He also visited the integration kindergarten nearby. But he never stayed alone, without my presence. I am very grateful to your staff members for careful attitude. Several days passed since he has started attending your center and in this short period I have seen great changes. At home Aram plays with toys, watches TV, but before he concentrated only for short period.
Aram has no physical problem, he is mentally retarded. It seems to me that my son will have much progress and will be developed in this kindergarten. I am asking to prolong the hours in the centerand if it is possible to have a speech therapist.
I am grateful to all the staff members and the director of the foundation. You are the only hope of our children.

Parent: Luisa Oseyan